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Ben Learns “B” Information
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Meet Ben, the Coala bear, on a quest to conquer words! Join his adventure through the forest of learning.

In a forest lush, with trees so tall,Lived a Coala bear, named Ben, that’s all.He had fluffy ears and a nose so round,But one thing he lacked, the letter he found.

“Mom,” said Ben, with a puzzled frown,“I want to learn words, I don’t want to clown.

But every time I try, it’s always the same,I just can’t seem to master the letter B’s game.”

His mom hugged him tight, with a gentle squeeze,“Don’t worry, my dear, we’ll find the keys.To unlock the wonders of words and sounds,Let’s journey together, where learning abounds.”

So off they went, through the trees so grand,Hand in hand, to explore the land.They saw a brown bear, big and strong,“Bear,” said Ben, his learning prolong.

Then they spotted a bat, flying high,“Bat,” said Ben, reaching for the sky.A buzzing bee passed with a hum,“Bee,” said Ben, feeling his brain drum.

They found a baby, with giggles sweet,“Baby,” said Ben, tapping his feet.A shiny ball rolled, round and neat,“Ball,” said Ben, with a joyful beat.

They spied a banana, hanging so bright,“Banana,” said Ben, with sheer delight.A boat sailed by, on a river so wide,“Boat,” said Ben, swelling with pride.

Finally, they reached Ben’s cozy bed,“Bed,” said Ben, as he softly said.With each word learned, his confidence grew,The letter B, he now knew what to do.

Back in the forest, with friends all around,Ben shared his newfound skill, oh so profound.With laughter and joy, they all sang along,For Ben, the Coala bear, had mastered the song.

So remember dear friends, wherever you roam,With patience and practice, you’ll find your own home.In the world of words, where wonders never cease,Just like Ben, the Coala bear, may you find your peace.

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