Birthday present Story for kids

Birthday present Information
Age4-6, 7-9

Alex eagerly awaits his sixth birthday and a trip to the market with Grandma, armed with birthday money. Along the way, he learns about saving and wise money management.

Alex was waiting for a long time! He kept looking at the clock and asked his mother every five minutes:

What time is it, mom?

His mother answered patiently every time:

Dear Alex! It’s not nine o’clock yet! Grandma will arrive at nine o’clock! It’s still early.

And Alex would go back to his room and stare at the clock.

Grandma had promised Alex that she would come and take him to the market on the morning of Alex’s sixth birthday. Alex could buy whatever he wanted with the money that grandma gave him.

That day was Alex’s sixth birthday, and grandma had called the night before and promised Alex tomorrow.

The next day, Alex woke up with enthusiasm at seven in the morning! He had washed his hands and face, eaten his breakfast, and even put on his clothes and was waiting for his grandmother!

Alex thought a lot about deciding what to buy for himself with the money that grandma gives! He was pretty sure he would go to a toy store and buy a control car. A control car exactly like the previous car!

Alex thought he could have a car race with his friend if he had two cars. But Alex was also thinking about skateboarding! He would like to have one of those too.

Alex was thinking when suddenly the doorbell rang. Alex jumped up happily and said:

Hooray! Grandma arrived!

Alex greeted grandma! Grandma, as always, hugged and kissed Alex with a beautiful smile.

Happy Birthday, honey! said, Grandma.

Alex and Grandma said goodbye to Mom and walked to the market. They had to take a taxi to get to the market because the market was too far. On the way, Alex said to his grandmother:

Grandma? Lucky you! Because you have a lot of money, you can buy whatever you want. Just like my dad!

Grandma laughed and said:

Not much money! But I have enough money to buy the things I need.

Alex asked:

Grandma! Where do you get money from? Do you work like my father?

Grandma explained:

I was working! A few years ago, I was a teacher in a school. I taught children and got paid for this! But now I am retired!

Alex asked:

What does retired mean?

Grandma said:

After working for a few years, people can retire and stop working.

When someone retires, do they still get paid? Alex asked.

Grandma said:

Yes! This money is called a pension! As long as people are young and able to work, they save some of their money so that when they are old, they still have money.

Alex said:

What does savings mean?

Grandma said:

Saving means not spending part of your money and keeping it in a safe place until you use it when you need it.

When Alex and Grandma arrived at the market, they first went to a toy store at Alex’s suggestion! There were many toys! All kinds of dolls, skateboards, and control cars. Alex saw a big car that he could drive himself. Alex said to grandma:

What a beautiful car! Can I buy this

Grandma asked the price of the car. Then he looked at Alex and said:

It seems the price of this car is much more than the money I consider for your birthday present. 

Alex looked at the car. Then he looked at the grandmother and said:

I can save to buy this car! I will take your money and put it in a safe place. Then I will keep all my allowance money. Maybe mom and dad will help me a little. Then I can buy this car for myself.

Grandma said:

Well done, Alex! What a good idea! This is the best thing you can do!

Then grandma asked the seller:

Excuse me, sir, do you have a piggy bank?

Alex asked:

What is a piggy bank?

The safe place where you should save your money. Said, grandma.

That day, grandma bought a big piggy bank for Alex and gave him the money she had saved for Alex’s birthday to put in the piggy bank. Alex was thrilled because he could save money and buy the car he wanted!


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