Blue Fish's Huge Wish Story for kids

Blue Fish’s Huge Wish Information
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In the vibrant coral reef, a little fish yearned for the grandeur of sharks. Adorned in fake fins, she discovered the wisdom of a starfish, embracing her uniqueness and finding joy in her true self.

Blue Fish’s Huge Wish Story

In a coral reef where waters gleam, Lived a little fish, not living the dream. Blue and cute, but discontent in her space, Yearned to be big, with a shark’s strong embrace.

Tales of sharks, the ocean’s mighty kings, Filled her thoughts with grandiose wings. Fake fin, fake teeth, she adorned with glee, Hoping to be big, fierce, wild, and free.

Pretending to be a shark, she swam around, Scaring sea creatures, creating no rebound. Lonely she felt, her joy just a guise, No friends around, only echoing cries.

A starfish approached, with a kind, friendly air, “Why wear those things? You’re beyond compare. Little fish, be yourself, not what you yearn, In your own beauty, you have much to discern.”

Confused, she replied, “I want to be grand, Like a shark, ruling seas, vast and grand.”The starfish smiled, imparting a truth, Sharks may seem strong, but they’re lonely, forsooth.

“Smart and kind, with friends all around, You’re unique, with treasures abound. Don’t chase what you’re not, embrace your own grace, Being yourself is the truest embrace.”

Removing the fake fin, the teeth laid aside, She swam to her friends, no longer to hide. Hugs and smiles, a warm, joyful reunion, Her true self embraced, a beautiful communion.

A lesson learned in the ocean’s embrace, To love oneself is the ultimate grace. The little fish discovered in the coral’s deep delve, Being herself was more than enough.

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