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Age4-6, 7-9

Join Jason’s incredible body organ team on a busy day, where teamwork, trust, and Capitan Heart keep everything running smoothly for a healthy and happy Jason.

All of Jason’s body organs were talking together at the same time! It seemed a really busy day at Jason’s body. Capitan Heart was listening to everyone and working at once! He knew that Oxygen is Jason’s body’s fuel and it is crucial for his health!

So when Ms. blood arrived with no Oxygen, he immediately sent her to Mr. and Ms. Lung through vein! Mr. Lung welcomed Ms. blood and led her to Oxygen shop! In the shop, Ms. blood Gave her Carbon dioxide and bought oxygen!

after that, she had to return to the heart! Mr. Lung said:

Anything to drink lady? Some vitamin juice maybe?

No sir! I can’t drink! I’m on duty at the moment! she said this and returned to heart full pf Oxygen. Capitan Heart said:

Finally! There you are! Organs were going to nag!

Ms. blood was shocked.

Did something happened?

You know Mr. brain and kidney twins! They are a really sensitive! They get fussy really fast. Listen to them! They are nagging already.

Mr. Brain, who had a really strict diet, yelled:

Hey! Capitan! Don’t you know that I have to send necessary orders to other organs and I need Glucose for that? If you don’t send some Glucose in 5 seconds, I’ll order others to stop working and Jason will faint!

Calm down Mr. Brain! You know I’ve always got your back. I send you the first Glucose load Ms. Liver delivers, every day! But it’s not here yet! Capitan Heart said kindly!

Now it was kidney twins turn:

If you don’t send us blood in 3 seconds, we will stop working! we are serious!

just wait! I sent Ms. Blood a second ago! She will arrive soon! Just one thing: Jason’s blood is a little dirty! can you clean it for me, please? It would be excellent if you adjust the pressure too.

Well! you can always count on me Capitan!

All of the organs were calm again. They understood that Capitan Heart will take care of them under any condition! And he never let them starve! And plus that, He will send them fresh Oxygen to make them happy! They just have to trust Capitan and work as a team!

This way, Jason will be healthy and happy for a very long time!

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