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Join Judy Abbott, a spirited orphan with a talent for writing, on her journey to uncover the identity of Daddy Long Legs.

Daddy Long Legs Story

I, Judy Abbott, am one of the children of John Grier Home orphanage; I mean, I grew up there and now I’m going to high school, and at the same time, I’m also a coach of younger kids.

I am very interested in writing, many say that I will become a writer in the future. By the way, we are very busy today. Benevolent families are supposed to come to the orphanage and select some of the children as adopted children and take them with them to take care of them.

Many families came that day. All with the latest cars.

I don’t like days like this. We have to wake up early in the morning and prepare the children; Because when the guests come, the children should be clean and tidy and everywhere should be clean.

It was evening and the guests had left. I was coming down from upstairs. I looked at the sunset from the window. I was thinking when suddenly I came to my senses with the voice of one of the children.

– The manager Is calling you Judy!

I walked and went down the stairs one by one. Near the last step, the shadow of a man lying on the wall caught my attention. I stopped for a moment and looked at it. The shadow had very long legs. Unconsciously, a thought crossed my mind. I laughed at my own thought. I said to myself:

“Daddy long legs!”

The manager was sitting behind her desk. until his eyes fell on me, she said:

“Well done, Judy! One of the guests read your writings and praised them. He said you have a good talent, he plans to arrange for you to go to college. He wants to make you a good writer. If you be a good girl, he will do anything for you. Instead, write him a letter every month and let him know about your work. He does not expect much. He just doesn’t want to tell you his name. I wish you could see him. He was the last person to leave. So, what do you think?”

I said in my heart:

“Then he is the Daddy long legs!

Well, as of today that good man is my Daddy long legs. The one who has decided to send me to college, thank you, Daddy long legs! I am the luckiest girl in the world cause I have a father like you.

By the time the college opened, a lot of time passed. On the last day, I said goodbye to the principal and went to the city, the yard of our college was full of fragrant and colorful flowers. Tall trees, grassy ground and many other things. I used to go to the hostel at night.

The room they gave us had four beds. Me and three other girls. That day I started a new life. I introduce my roommates. Besides myself, there is another girl in front of us who wears glasses and is in her fourth year. The second is a freshman – like me – and her name is Sally McFord. Sally’s hair is red.

The third is “Julia Pendleton”, a proud and cold and soulless girl who obviously comes from a wealthy family. Unlike him, Sally is a funny and happy girl who makes everyone laugh. Everyone loves her.

As I promised, I wrote and mailed a letter to my daddy long legs month.

By sending every letter, he sent me a beautiful dress. First month, red dress which is good for parties. The next month, a very beautiful blue dress, and the third month, a gray dress.

This is another very interesting one. As I put on my clothes, my friend Sally stops and looks at them admiringly. I myself get so excited that I spin in front of the mirror to make my clothes look more beautiful.

One day, when I was wearing one of those dresses, I remembered the past. When I was in primary school. I remember, it was the first day of school.

All the children were wearing new and clean clothes, except me. I had to wear my old clothes from last year. When I entered the class, the children saw me, showed me to each other, muttered something and laughed softly.

Thank God, I am not so poor anymore. Of course, first, by God’s grace, and then, By daddy long legs’ precious help.

Dear Daddy long legs!

I really want to know one thing. How old are you, what is your name? And why don’t you show me yourself?

From Judy!

My kind Daddy long legs!

Again, you did not say where you live, how old you are and what you look like. Old or young? Is your hair black or gray? Maybe your head is bald!

I don’t know, write to me if you want. What is job? This is most important to me.

From Judy

Kind Daddy long legs!

A year passed and you did not answer me. Answer my questions. I wanted to draw a picture of you in my mind. An image with slender and long arms and legs; But because I haven’t seen your face, I left it blank.

By the way, Daddy, today was not a good day for me. I hadn’t done my homework and I couldn’t answer my teacher’s question in class. That’s why I was so embarrassed. If you want the reason, it is because I went to the orphanage yesterday to help them a little. It was that I did not have time to do my homework. Now I have decided to study more. Because it is the end of the year and the exam time is near. If I don’t study well, I might not be able to get the good grades you want.

From Judy

My good Daddy long legs!

You know it’s mid-spring. Spring is the season of beauty. Especially here, it’s really spectacular. Wouldn’t you like to visit here for once? I promise to show you all the sights here; But Daddy long legs, I know you will not come, because you are too busy. Indeed, today a very polite young man came to our college. I was assigned by the director of the college to show him the sights here. I really wanted you to be in his place.

My kind Daddy long legs!

Do you remember I wrote you about a polite young man? Yes, he is Mr. Jervis Pendleton. Mr. Pendleton is Julia’s uncle and he came to college to see his nephew; But Julia had a class and I, being Julia’s friend, had to go and tell her that Julia had a class.

From Judi

My good Daddy long legs!

Daddy, our exams are over and everyone has returned to their homes. My friend “Sally” invited me to go to their farm in the countryside, and Mr. San Paul and Mrs. Midi – my friend’s parents – are very kind people and try very hard to make me have a good time. I found a very interesting book in their house yesterday. On the back of the book, a boy named Jervis Pendleton wrote a note. This is the name of Julia’s uncle. The same young man about whom I have already written to you. Julia’s father said that long ago, his brother used to live with them.

From your daughter Judy

To the good and kind Daddy long legs!

The school year has started. Now I am a second year student. Also, a member of our school’s basketball team. I like basketball very much. Did I tell you that our team was the first among all the teams? I hope this time, I will win in writing and get an award.

From Judy the Athlete

Finally, my Daddy long legs was kind enough to send me a letter and invite me to his house. I boarded the train and was happy to go to my godfather’s house. When I rang the doorbell, daddy’s servant was waiting for me. He opened the door. Inside the house, my Daddy long legs was sitting on the sofa. Of course, his back was to us and I could not see his face. Suddenly Daddy long legs said: “Hello Judy!” welcome”

God, what was I seeing?! This was Jervis Pendleton. The same young man whom I had seen many times before.

“You’re wondering, Judy, I’m your daddy long legs.” said Jay Weiss.

Honestly, I was very surprised. I will never forget that day. Because that meeting made Mr. Jervis Pendleton and I got married and I forgot my hard life in the past.

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