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GenreFantasy, Comedy

Meet Elphie, a cute baby elephant who lives in a lush forest. All the other elephants love the pond in the middle of the forest, but Elphie has a big problem – he’s afraid of water!

Elphie was a cute baby elephant! He lived in a flourishing forest with his parents and the other elephants!

In the middle of the forest they lived in, there was a pound with cool clear water! All the elephants loved playing and swimming in the pound in sunny summer days! They enjoyed pouring water in each other with their huge trunks!

But our little Elphie had a big problem. He was afraid of water! He had never played in the pound with his friends! He always thought that the pound is too deep and he is gonna drawn in it!

His mother and father kept telling him:

Honey! You are wrong! The pound is shallow and safe!

But Elphie never listened!

One day, all Elphie’s friends decided to go to the pound and play in its cool water. Elphie went with them; but he just sat near the pound and watched his friends playing and laughing! They were splashing water with their trunks! It seemed they were having so much fun.

In this very moment a funny green frog jumped out from the pound:

Croak! Croak!

Elphie took a quick look at the little frog; but he was too sad to say anything!

Hey little elephant! Would you like to play with me? Said the frog.

I’m scared! How come you don’t afraid of water? Elphie cried.

I have a magical stone that makes its owner brave and fearless. Then he swam and returned with a shiny blue stone.

If you want to defeat your fear, you have to find your own stone.

But where do I have to find such a stone? Elphie wondered.

Here of course! you have to find your stone just in this pound!

Elphie started to walk slowly and entered the pound! He was carefully looking for a magical stone when he heard the frog laughing at him!

Why are you laughing at me?

Croak! Croak! It wasn’t that scary! Was it?? Frog laughed. You don’t need any magical stone! You are already in the middle of the pound! Look! The water is barely touches your knees!

Elphie was very happy! He splashed water on frog with his trunk. They played all afternoon.

From that day, Elphie was never afraid of water again!

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