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Meet Jack, a curious six-year-old who’s learning the strange language of grown-ups. It’s his birthday, and he’s determined to make sense of their mysterious words and actions.

My name is Jack! Just Jack! Cause I’m only six! Many many days has to come, I have to play for many years, laugh and sometimes cry to finally become as old as my father. Then. I’ll be Mr. Jack. A real Mr. Jack. Not like times I’ve done something naughty my mom says:

Come here right now Mr. !!

And sometimes, when I’m doing something bad, like painting on the walls, mom talks to me like I’m not myself anymore. she says:

What is Mr. Jack doing here?

Then, Mr. Jack, who is me, has to stop whatever he’s doing and say:

Nothing… nothing!

Honestly, grown ups’ language makes me confused all the time! I don’t really understand what grown ups mean! Sometimes I have to guess! But I think yesterday I made some progress.

Yesterday was a very very important day! It was my birthday and I felt like grown ups! I mean… I think I understood their language a little bit!

When I woke up yesterday, I yelled:

Hooooorrrrrray! And then I jumped off the bed.

But my mom scared and said:

OH, please! Don’t start being naughty this early!

Yep! This was one of those times I told you about! I couldn’t understand what did she mean. What she said could have like 100 meanings. For example playing with kitchen tools is naughty! Or painting on my desk with a red crayon is naughty!

And yesterday I find out that jumping of the bed is also naughty.

Actually, I realized something odd! Mom and dad would not be really upset by me when I do naughty things! Because I heard my mom was talking to grandma about things I’ve done and she was laughing! But she never laughed when I was doing those things!

My dad also laughs when I do naughty things; but yesterday he was really grumpy, cause he couldn’t sleep well the night before!

mom said:

Just be careful! your dad is not in the mood today! He got up on the wrong side of the bed today!

And here we go again! Another thing I don’t understand. Daddy said:

Next time this neighbor raises his music, I’ll teach him a lesson he would never forget!

I was confused again, so I asked:

Why should we teach Mr. Johnson a lesson? Doesn’t he have a teacher?

But dad just said:

You should go to your room or I’ll teach “you” a lesson Mr. !

But after a while, mom explained to me that dad just wanted to talk to Mr. Johnson!

OH! So that is what he meant by “teaching a lesson”? I told you! Grown ups talk really strange! But I’m growing up and I’m learning their language!

Mommy decided to cook some delicious food for my birthday party! And he sent daddy and me to buy the cake!

Daddy laughed and said:

OH! SO before we come back with cake, you just vacuum the main part of the house!

This time mom was confused…

What do you mean by ” The main part”?

I knew This one, so I decided to help mom:

He means just vacuum the living room, cause this is the only part that guests will see!

Mom laughed. She looked at dad and said:

No sir! Vacuuming is all on you!

Well… I was confused again! I didn’t know that vacuuming can be “on” someone! But dad told me that It means he has to vacuum the house instead of mom!

OMG! This grown up language rill make me crazy one day!

There were many colorful cakes in the store! They had pictures of cars, funny animals and other nice things on them!

Daddy told me to chose a cake I like the most! I chose a cake that had lots of cars on it! then I smiled anf told my dad:

Paying for it is all on you, dad!

Daddy laughed and took his wallet out. when we returned home, we saw our noisy neighbor, Mr. Johnson, outside! I coughed like grown ups and said:

Dad! I think we have to teach Mr. Johnson that lesson you were talking about earlier!

But it seemed that daddy is angry! he smiled at Mr. Johnson and told me to go inside! Mr. Johnson was looking at us very strange! I think it’s because I learned grown ups’ language! I told you! I’m six now! And soon, I’ll be a real Mr. Jack! very soon!


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