Harry, the bear! Story for kids

Harry, the bear! Information
Age0-3, 4-6
GenreComedy, Fantasy

Harry, the bear, tired of fish and his mountain home, embarks on a journey to find a new place. Discovering a city of bear impersonators, he learns a valuable lesson.

Harry, the bear, lived with his mother, father, and two younger brothers at the foot of the mountain. Every day, Harry’s father went and caught fish from the river! But Harry did not like fish and was tired of eating fish!

Harry’s little brothers played and laughed every day on the hillside! But Harry didn’t like playing with them and was bored.

Every night, when the whole family slept in the cave, Harry lay awake, wishing he could live somewhere else. A place that is different from here.

One early morning, Harry the bear decided to go to his family and find a better place to live! He passed through a forest, a large plain, a lake, and a mountain until he finally reached a city.

There were a lot of bears in the city! Furry bears! Big bears! Little bears! Fat bears and thin bears. They were rejoicing, dancing, and singing.

Harry, the bear, happily joined them and started dancing! He was very excited and had a great time. Ultimately, he won the most natural and best bear costume at the bear festival!

After the festival, Harry the bear, together with his new friends, who were several bear cubs, went to the house of one of them and sat at the table to eat together. They put a big plate full of steak and green peas in front of him!

Other baby bears knew how to eat with a spoon and fork! But Harry didn’t know how to use them! That’s why he spilled all the food on the table, and all his friends laughed!

After the meal, all the children went to the garden to play! When it got dark, everyone went to bed to sleep. Harry also slept with the children! Sleeping in a big bed was much easier than sleeping in a stone cave!

When Harry woke up the following day, he let out a loud yawn that made a horrible sound come out of his mouth. From the sound of Harry’s yawn, all the children got scared and ran away because they were not real bears! They were dressed as bears to participate in the bear festival!

Harry, the bear, had just realized this! The terrified children informed their parents! Harry the bear, who was scared, ran away! He passed through mountains, lakes, and forests until he reached the mountainside, next to his family.

Harry’s worried mother was waiting for him in front of the cave. His brothers were also standing next to the cave. Harry hugged his mother bear tightly and said:

I love you all!

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