I Am the King of the Land of Fearless Children Story for kids

I Am the King of the Land of Fearless Children Information
Age0-3, 4-6
TypeRhyming, Bedtime
GenreFantasy, Funny

In the land of fearless kids, one brave king battles a pot-eyed monster under his bed. Join their hilarious nighttime adventures!

I Am the King of the Land of Fearless Children Story

In the land of fearless kids, I’m the king so bold, But sometimes I imagine, a story to be told. Of a monster, blue and furry, with eyes like a pot, Who stirs beneath my bed, when the lights are forgot.

He growls like a wolf in a cartoon’s delight, When nighttime comes, he wakes up, causing quite a fright. My mom turns off the light, and my bed starts to shake, As the monster yawns and stretches, I’m wide awake!

I wear my Superman suit, to scare the monster away, With my cape and my courage, I’ll keep the night at bay. One evening, the room went dark, my mom left, it was true, The pot-eyed monster spoke, and his hunger he’d pursue.

“I’m hungry! I’m hungry! Is there no one in this land?” I was dressed as Spider-Man, with a plan so grand. I’d capture the monster if he dared to appear, With my webs and my bravery, there was nothing to fear.

The bed shook again, the monster called out with glee, “I’m hungry! Who’s the king here? Bring some food to me!” The title of king, I held it with pride, So I shouted, “I am the king, no fear will I hide!”

I spun a spider’s web, right next to my bed, If the monster dared venture, he’d be tangled instead. The monster just chuckled, not at all feeling small, “Do you think I eat webs? I’m not that kind at all!”

He grumbled and stomped, he was quite a sight, “Lazy king, what’s for dinner? I’m hungry tonight! Are you waiting for me to come out and dine? I’ll gobble you up, you won’t taste so fine!”

I smirked and brandished my spoon and my fork, “Did you think I’m tasty, like a delicious pork? If you dare to come out, I’ll give you a fright, With my pillow and courage, I’ll put up a fight!”

The monster was stunned, couldn’t believe what he’d see, Under the bed, he cowered, afraid as can be. He tried to act tough, but I saw through his act, I knew he was scared, that’s a fact!

He said, “Little mouse with curly hair, you’ll see, I’ll come out and gobble you, just wait and see!” I chuckled and replied with a grin so wide, “I’m not a mouse, I’m fearless, don’t hide!”

He opened his eyes, surprise in his gaze, Realized I was brave, in this nighttime phase. “Why aren’t you scared? Be quick, show some fright!” But I giggled and said, “You turned red like a light!”

The monster was flustered, he didn’t expect, A kid so courageous, he had to reflect. “What’s your deal?” he asked, in a puzzled tone, “Why don’t you scream? Be afraid, stand alone!”

I laughed and said, “You’re not so tough, you see, I’m the king here, brave as can be!” Just then, my dear mom opened up the door, Startled by my laughter, she came to explore.

“Oops! Did you spot a big, furry surprise?” I nodded and said, “With pot-sized eyes!” “Really?” Mom asked, curious to peep, She checked under my bed but found nothing deep.

“Maybe the monster’s scared, he ran far away, My bravery chased him off, is what I say!” We both shared a chuckle, in the dim room’s light, No more monster yawns, as I sleep through the night.

So, I remain the king of fearless dreams so grand, In the land of brave children, where courage will stand.

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