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I’m a Baby Jellyfish Information
GenreFantasy, Scientific

Dive into the underwater world of Baby Jellyfish, where fascinating creatures like these float gracefully, revealing the secrets of their watery realm.

I’m a Baby Jellyfish Story

Hi, I’m a jellyfish! A baby jelly fish! Do you know why they call us jellyfish? First, because we are very, very transparent! Just like a white net!

We have a big hat on our head that makes us look like bells! We are soft and smooth and we float on water! This is why they call us jellyfish.

As it is clear from our name, our house is in the middle of the sea, just like fish. We have friends and relatives in all the waters of the earth! From the Indian and Pacific Oceans to all the seas!

So, where do I live? I and many of my friends live in the Persian Gulf! You can find us in the beaches too!Today, my mom was saying that her mother told her that we jellyfishes are one of the oldest creatures on the planet!

I mean hundreds… no no! Thousands… no no! Millions of years ago we were swimming in the oceans! It means that we jellyfishes were present on the earth even before the dinosaurs. Of course not me!

My father’s father’s father’s father’s father’s father’s father’s father’s father has seen the birth of dinosaurs! Lucky him!

We jellyfishes live in the depths of the oceans, near the shores and in salty and fresh waters! But we are not fish! Yes! You heard right! We are from the group of invertebrates!

It means that we don’t have a spine, bones, heart, eyes, etc. in our body! But we have a mouth! We also have an umbrella and a series of tentacles!

If you ever go to the beach and see white, pink, yellow or pale blue things on the water, don’t worry! We are the ones who came to the beach to eat!

We jellyfishes have stings on our tentacles with which we prepare food for ourselves! Our stings is painful for you people! It is similar to a bee sting, but it hurts a little more!

Of course, we don’t sting you on purpose! But it’s possible that when we come to the beach to look for food, it might accidentally sting you and hurt you!

I apologize to you! We are very, very small! Maybe we are the size of your finger! So please, if you see us on the beach, don’t touch us so we can quickly eat our food and leave! If you do this, Nothing will happen to you.

Of course I have to say this too! We have several relatives whose stings are very dangerous for humans! If you see them, you should be very careful.

Indeed! We love to eat fish, shrimp, crab and sea plants! And sea turtles always follow us!

Man I say something interesting? We jellyfish are very different from each other! For example, I am about two centimeters! But some of our relatives are about two meters tall!

It means taller than your mom and dad! Of course! I myself have never seen them! They live in the heart of the ocean!

all right! I’m so hungry! I have to go and find some shrimp to eat! Bye!

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