Jonathan in search of treasure - Episode 1 Story for kids

Jonathan in search of treasure – Episode 1 Information
Age4-6, 7-9
GenreNon-fiction, Comedy

Join Jonathan on an exciting treasure hunt full of surprises and challenges! Will he find the ultimate breakfast treasure hidden in unexpected places? Let’s embark on this adventure together!

Jonathan checked his backpack for the fifth time! A Lego bomb, a treasure map that he drew himself, a camera and a tracking racket that was actually his tennis racket, and a rubber gun. Everything was right and Jonathan was ready to go! He put his backpack on his shoulder when his mother called him and said:Jonathan! You must eat breakfast before leaving!

Jonathan said:I don’t have enough time! If I arrive late, treasure thieves will arrive and steal the treasure!And then he shouted louder:To the treasure!

And then he went to the forest kitchen! First, he went to some cave cabinets, but nothing was found! Then he slowly went to the volcano oven and searched all the places with his rocket tracker! But nothing was found!

Suddenly he heard a voice! He turned towards the sound with fear and said in surprise:Oh my god! What am I seeing?! A waterfall! I have to see what’s going on there!

Jonathan went to the sink waterfall and submerged his racket but still nothing. He had no more work in the forest. So he moved to the sofa mountains in the living room! One by one, he searched the mountains and valleys until the rocket tracker hit something under the big sofa mountain. Jonathan said to himself:This must be a treasure!

He looked well under the sofa! He took out his gun to be ready if the treasure thieves came. Then he carefully took out the treasure from under the sofa with his racket. Willy was not a treasure! It was just a big toy Lego! Jonathan thought to himself:Maybe I would be needing another Lego bomb somewhere else!

That’s why he put Lego in his bag and continued on his way! This time he went to the big sea of his room! He got on a boat seat and went until he reached a big ship. He looked at the ship’s flag, which was the curtain of his room!

Yes! It was a pirate ship that was moving fast on the sea water! Jonathan looked inside the ship with a camera and suddenly his eyes fell on the treasure chest! They had hidden it in the warehouse of the ship!Jonathan angrily pounded on the boat seat and said:Oops! The pirates found the treasure! I have to get the treasure back from them anyway!

Jonathan threw some Lego bombs at the pirate ship! The ship exploded and the pirates escaped!Jonathan whistled for the kind dolphin to come to him from the bed! Jonathan rode on the dolphin’s back and went underwater to find the shipwreck. Jonathan pulled the treasure out of the sea and went to the beach with the dolphin!

He happily ran to his mother and said:mom! mom! I found the treasure!

He opened the treasure chest! But instead of gold coins, there was a bottle of milk and an egg sandwich in the box! Jonathan said in surprise:That’s it? What kind of treasure is this?

His mother said with a laugh:Whoever hid this box must have known that you didn’t eat breakfast! He wanted to let you know that breakfast is like a valuable treasure for your health!

Jonathan, who was quite hungry after all that playing and running, bit into the sandwich and said:Yummmy! Such a delicious treasure!


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