Jonathan in search of treasure - Episode 3 Story for kids

Jonathan in search of treasure – Episode 3 Information
Age4-6, 7-9
GenreNon-fiction, Comedy

Join Jonathan on his whimsical adventure into the Lazy Palace, where pillows, blankets, and a snoozing king reign supreme.

Little Jonathan was lying on the sofa without washing his hands and face and was watching the morning TV show! His mother called him from the kitchen and said:Jonathan! my son! will you come help me?

Jonathan yawned and said:mom! I’m so tired and sleepy!

His mother said in surprise:But you just woke up! If you wash your hands and face, you will be refreshed!

Jonathan turned off the TV and went to his room! He didn’t feel like being awake! When he reached his room, he saw the white bed palace! Jonathan had never seen such a beautiful palace and was very curious to see the inside! That’s why he decided go to the palace!

When he arrived near the palace, he saw a thousand-colored caterpillar lying in front of the palace! Jonathan sneakily passed by a thousand-colored caterpillar, when suddenly his foot hit one of the caterpillar’s feet!caterpillar jumped up and said in a sleepy voice:Who woke me up?! Be quick, say your name!

Jonathan, who was scared said:I! I! …

But before he say his name, the caterpillar put his head on the ground and fell asleep again!

Jonathan happily breathed a sigh of relief and continued on his way! He sat on the white bed palace for a few minutes until he heard the growling of the little bear:Welcome to the lazy palace! tell me who are you?

Jonathan looked at the little bear with surprised eyes and wanted to say his name, when suddenly the little bear fell asleep and started purring! Jonathan laughed and said:Such a lazy guards! Why do they fall asleep so early? Poor king of this palace!

Jonathan went and leaned against the wall of the palace, when suddenly the star pillow woke up and said:Aha! who are you? Who let you into the palace?

Jonathan said:My name is Jonathan! Who does this palace belong to?

Star Pillow said:Be quiet and follow me! I have to take you to the pillow king!

Jonathan followed the star pillow. The star pillow bowed to the beautiful white pillow who was the king of the palace and said:Your majesty! This boy managed to pass the guards and enter the palace!

The pillow king leaned against the wall of the white throne palace and said:How strange! Boy! Tell me! How did you enter the palace? What were my guards doing when you came so far in the palace!

Jonathan laughed and said:It was very simple! Your guards are sleeping all the time and anyone can easily enter your palace!

The pillow king yawned and said:OK! We are relieved! As long as my guards are asleep, the enemies will not dare to attack our palace!

Jonathan said in surprise.But it is wrong! The guards must be alert and awake to…

Minister blanket, who was silent until that moment, said:Quiet! By mentioning the names of our enemies, you shake the king’s cottons!

Jonathan, who had not mentioned anyone’s name, looked at the star pillow and said:Who are your enemies?

Star Pillow said:This is the lazy palace! And if anyone wants to be fresh and awake, he is our enemy and should be expelled from the palace!

Jonathan, who did not know what to do in the lazy palace, asked:So what are you doing in the palace?

Star Pillow said:A lot of stuff! For example, we yawn, we rest! We sleep and sometimes we play “look at the ceiling” game!

Jonathan said:that’s great! I love games! Let’s play!

Pillow King said:Although I am very tired, I order to play! So everyone look at the ceiling!

Everyone laid on the white bed palace and stared at the ceiling! After a few minutes, Jonathan got bored:What kind of game is this? One gets bored and falls asleep!

Star Pillow said:Well, that’s our goal! Whoever falls asleep first is the winner!

Jonathan said:I think it’s better to play hide and seek! it’s gonna be refreshing!Star pillow got angry and said to the king:Sir! I think this boy has come from our enemy to take the palace from us!

The pillow king said:So we order to punish him. We order to give him a sleeping pill so that the enemy will stay away from us!

Jonathan, who was a bit scared, jumped down from the bed and ran to the bathroom and washed his hands and face several times with cool water! Then he went to the kitchen and happily said to his mother:Mommy! Don’t you want help?


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