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Age0-3, 4-6

Discover the heartwarming tale of the lonely moon who, after yearning for companionship, finds friendship among the stars that light up the night sky.

Lonely Moon Story

The beautiful moon lived alone in the sky and was sad! He always said when praying:

Merciful God! Why do I always have to be alone? Why don’t I have any friends to play with?!

One day he decided to go to the sun and ask him to be friends! In this way, he no longer had to play alone and they could play in pairs with the sun!

Therefore, when he arrived in the morning, he did not sleep and went towards the sun and said:

Hello beautiful and kind sun! can you be my friend I’m always alone and I don’t have any friends!

The sun, which was smiling and spreading its warm light on the Earth, said:

Honestly, I really want to be friends with you and play together! But I sleep at night and am awake during the day! Just the opposite of you! That’s why I can’t play with you!

The beautiful moon was sad! The sun said:

But don’t worry my dear! I ask God to put good friends on your way!

The moon left! He woke up every night and searched the sky, but there was no news of a new friend! He was so sad that he became thin and turned into a crescent moon!

One night when he was sitting as usual and was grieving, he heard a voice:

beautiful moon! silver Moon!

The moon jumped from its place:

Who was it? Whose voice was that?

Little moon! It’s me! I’m here!

The moon pushed aside the clouds and saw a small shining thing!

who are you?

I am a star! Do you want to be friends and play?

Of course I will play with you! I have been waiting for a long time to find a friend!

So you should be happy! Because like me, there are millions of stars in the sky and you are no longer alone!

The moon looked at the stars around himself and jumped up and down with happiness! All the stars twinkled at the beautiful moon! From that day on, our silver moon was no longer alone.

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