Mommy is Sick! Story for kids + Audio

Mommy is Sick! Information
TypeMoral, Bedtime

In the midst of her mother’s illness, young Maya embarks on a mission of care and love, tending to her with a gentle touch, medicine, and a heart full of hope.

Mommy is Sick! Story

Maya’s mother was sick and could not get out of bed at all. Maya liked to do something for her mother and help her. But what help?

Maya sat next to her mother and thought about the days when she herself was sick! What did her mother do in those days? Maya put her hand on her mother’s forehead! Mom’s forehead was hot. This means her mother had a fever!

What should Maya do? She quickly went to the kitchen and wet a napkin with cold water. What should she do now?

Maya returned to the room and put the handkerchief on mom’s forehead! Mom opened her eyes for a moment and smiled at Maya and then closed her eyes again.

Maya thought to herself that her mother must take medicine! She searched all the cabinets and shelves of the refrigerator to find the box of pills! But which of these pills should mom eat? Maya did not know! Maya took the pill box to the room and put it on the floor! Then he went and brought a glass of water!Mom was still sleeping. Maya thought to herself.

Should I wake up mom?!

Maya gently caressed her mother’s face and said:

Mom! Please wake up! Wake Up! I brought you medicine!

Mom looked at Maya! As if she did not understand what Maya was saying! Maya repeated her words again and showed the box of pills to her mother! Mom got up and took the box! He chose a pill and ate it with water!

When Maya put her hand in front of her mother to take the glass of water, her mother gently kissed the back of her hand and smiled at Maya and fell asleep again!

A few minutes later, the phone rang! Maya answered the phone quickly! It was dad! Maya immediately told dad that mom is sick! Dad said he will return home soon!

Maya quickly gathered her toys and put the pill box back. She also put the glass in the dishwasher. After tidying the house, Maya went and sat next to mom!

A few minutes later, she heard the door! Dad had come! Dad kissed Maya’s forehead and they went to mom together!

Dad took the napkin from mom’s forehead and put his hand on mom’s forehead and asked:

Maya! Did you put a wet napkin on mom’s forehead?

Maya said:Yes! I also brought her medicine!

Dad said:Good job! Tell me what pill did mom take?

With her finger, Maya showed dad the pill pack that mom had taken. Dad smiled again and said:

You are a very good nurse! Mom’s fever has come down. Now we all take mom to the doctor together.

Mom smiled! Maya was very happy that mom is better.


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