Playful Suitcases Story for kids

Playful Suitcases Information
Age4-6, 7-9
TypeMoral, Bedtime

In the busy airport baggage area, two lonely suitcases, one red with unicorn stickers and the other green with a strawberry picture, found themselves on an unexpected adventure.

Playful Suitcases Story

In the airport’s baggage area, two small suitcases felt strange and lonely. One was red, and two unicorn stickers were stuck on it! The one was green and had a picture of a strawberry on it. When the flight attendants put the luggage in the luggage-carrying cars, they put the red and green luggage together in the same car.

When the agents moved the luggage from the car to the cargo area of ​​the plane, due to bad luck, the red and green luggage fell between the other bags, and some heavy luggage fell on them.

The red suitcase, who was boarding the plane for the first time, started shouting and moaning, but the green suitcase, who was always traveling, said:Wait! do not be afraid! The luggage shakes when the plane takes off, and we get out from under it.

The plane took off, and some of the suitcases slipped and went away, but there were still two suitcases left, the green suitcase and the red suitcase. One is black and heavy, and one is a beautiful crimson color that was a little old. That’s why the green suitcase and the red suitcase started shouting:Oh, you! Help! We are getting crushed under this! Someone help us!

The black suitcase said in a loud voice:Why are you making so much noise? Wait a minute! We are coming now!

But the crimson suitcase said in a kind voice:Well, these poor things are bothered! We have to help them!!

And then he moved so that the small suitcases could come out!

Black Suitcase said:What do you think is inside these suitcases? Did you think they were carrying something important? Nope! Some funny toys that children play with!

And then laughed! The other luggage laughed.

The red suitcase was embarrassed and kept quiet, but the green suitcase said:We are indeed small and dressed like children, but like you, we are moving important things!

Black Suitcase said:Yeah! like a doll?!

And then laughed!

Green Suitcase said:It’s not funny at all! We should not mock the things in other luggage!

The red suitcase was also happy, and some of the other suitcases cheered for the green suitcase, but the black suitcase looked at them with a frown.

When getting off, the black suitcase kicked the green suitcase and the red suitcase with his back and went before them and sat in the car.

The green suitcase, whose body was in pain, looked at the shadow suitcase angrily! But the red suitcase said:Leave him! Let it go! We will go in the next car!But then they realized that something had happened! The green suitcase was opened! Green Suitcase said:Oh my God! Now my things are falling on the ground!

The red suitcase said:Do not be afraid! I will help you close your lock now!

The red suitcase hit the green suitcase’s lock with its handle! But the door of the green suitcase opened more, and his things spilled out!

The green suitcase was embarrassed! Because he had three toys, a furry elephant and three teddy bears of different sizes. In addition to a series of small kitchen items for playing!The red suitcase said:Don’t be ashamed at all!

Then he jumped up and down several times until the lock was opened! The green suitcase stared at the red suitcase’s belongings, and they both started laughing! There was nothing in the red suitcase but three furry dolls, some puzzles and two books! The red suitcase said:Okay! These are the most important things for children, so we are also moving important things!

Green Suitcase said:You are right!

And then they both stood together and laughed. A little later, the airport agent arrived, closed the luggage door, and took them to the airport waiting room! There, the police officers were standing around the black suitcase, carefully looking inside it!

A gun, several bundles of money, and a mask for theft were found in the black suitcase. The red suitcase and the green suitcase looked at the black suitcase, who lowered his head in shame.


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