Sunny, the Kind Sun Story for kids + Audio

Sunny, the Kind Sun Information
TypeEducational, Moral

Sunny, the cheerful sun of summer, watched over the children’s vacation until a forest fire ignited a heroic plan to save the day.

Sunny, the Kind Sun Story

Sunny was the kind sun that came to the sky from the beginning of summer, which is the month of June, and took care of the children’s summer vacation. She was beautiful and funny, and she loved children very much! But woe to the day when someone upset him!

It was the first summer, and it was Sunny’s turn to go to the sky and guard. Everything was fine! The waves of the sea slowly came to the shore and returned. The children were playing. Some children rode bicycles, and some played with balls on the beach!

Sunny was spinning in the sky and taking care of the children. After a while, Sunny’s eyes suddenly fell on a corner of the green forest! Black smoke was coming out of it! Sunny took her camera and carefully looked at the forest! As if someone had lit a fire in the forest!

Sunny was furious when she saw the fire burning the green and young trees and bushes! Sunny’s golden color turned red! The more Sunny got angry, the air got hotter and hotter, causing the fire to burn and spread more! The children in the forest were terrified!

Sunny tried to blow to fire and put it out! But blowing caused the fire to spread more! Suddenly, a thought came to Sunny’s mind! She turned around and went to the sea and said:Sea! The green forest is on fire! We have to take water there! Hurry up!Sea said:

How? Now that it is summer and there is no cloud in the sky!

Sunny thought a little and said:

Well, we can make clouds ourselves!

Sea was happy and said:

What a good idea! I am ready!

Sunny started getting hotter and hotter, and the sea water evaporated bit by bit! Sunny said to the steam drops:

Be quick, guys! Hold hands and make a very, very big cloud!

The drops held each other’s hands! Now Sunny had to take this big Cloud to the top of the forest so that it would rain and the fire would go out!

Sunny said to Cloud:

Hurry up! You should rain sooner! We must do something until the fire does not increase and the forest does not burn!

But the Cloud could not move! Because he needed the wind to move! That’s why Sunny took help from the wind to push the Cloud and bring it to the top of the forest!

The wind quickly got to work and blew with his mouth! Cloud slipped until it reached the top of the forest! Until Cloud reached the forest, he realized that the fire had burned some trees! At this moment, the Cloud shook, and there was a big thunder! Then it slowly rained on the green forest and extinguished the fire!

Just then, the naughty children who had lit the fire were shy and hurried to call the fire department, but the fire was already extinguished!

The forest was again the same beautiful one, full of beautiful trees and flowers! After the fire was extinguished, the children started playing again! Sunny hugged the big Cloud and thanked him! Sunny, the kind sun, now was tired; she said goodbye to the sea, the forest, the clouds, and the wind to go and sleep behind the mountains!


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