Sunshine and Reeva - episode 1 Story for kids

Sunshine and Reeva – episode 1 Information
Age4-6, 7-9
GenreNon-fiction, Comedy

Meet Sunshine, the early riser, and her trusty friend Reeva, the bicycle. Their adventures in a busy city are about to unfold!

Hi guys! My name is Sunshine! I love to wake up very early in the morning! Probably because of my name! When I wake up very early in the morning, I have a lot of energy!

When I wake up, I exercise in my room! Then I eat a great breakfast and go out to do my work!When I return home, I still have time to read books and play! At night, I explain all the events to my family and write in my diary!

I live in a very busy city where everyone is always commuting by subway, bus, car or on foot! My city is so busy that sometimes people don’t have time to talk to each other or spend time with their friends!

But I have a very good friend with whom I spend most of my time! My friend and I go shopping together! Sometimes we even travel together!

I talk a lot with my friend! Whenever I’m happy, I celebrate with my friend! I talk to him whenever I’m sad! My friend helps me a lot! Of course, I also buy small gifts for him and thank him!

To be honest, I talk more than my friend, because my friend is not very talkative! He listens more! Only when he gets tired of my nagging, he doesn’t walk with me anymore and sometimes he even gets a flat tire!

Yeah! It gets punctured! You must be laughing! I forgot to tell you that my friend is not a person at all! He is a bike! A blue bicycle with two very big wheels! And of course a bell that can greet everyone!My bike also has a white light to illuminate the road when it gets dark!

He also has a red light behind him so that everyone behind him can see him and avoid crashing into him!

When my bike and I come to the streets, we are very careful! We always pass by the side of the street and never go at high speed on the street! We also know traffic signs!

We take care of pedestrians too! And if they are not paying attention, my bike tells them with the sound of its bell:Aha! mind your step! We are getting close!

Of course, I am very careful with my bike and I try not to take it with me in crowded places! Because he doesn’t like cars very much!

Oh my God! I completely forgot to introduce you to my bike!

Guys, this is you and this is my bike, Reeva!

Kids! Do you know what Reeva means? It means ‘the person who guides people like a river or star.’My bike knows all the roads and guides me! Reeva is very smart and learns every path by going through it just once!

Reeva and I have a lot of good memories and some bad memories together! So don’t miss the next episode of the story, I will tell you all about our adventures!

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