Tara and the toys' closet! Story for kids

Tara and the toys’ closet! Information

Tara receives a beautiful doll named Rapunzel, but her other toys feel neglected in the dark closet. Tara learns that toys are meant to be played with, not just kept new and shiny.

Tara was really happy! cause Aunty Gloria gave her a doll as a gift! Tara decided to call her “Rapunzel”; cause she had really long pink hair!

This is one the most beautiful dolls I’ve ever had! Said Tara!

Then she walked around the house with Rapunzel and ate some snacks. after that, she kissed her doll and put her in the toys’ closet! Rapunzel was very happy! She was sure Tara loves her and she will come back soon to play with her!

All the toys in the closet were vert clean and new! It seemed that Tara has been taking care of them very good!

A couple of hours passed! Rapunzel was getting upset a little bit! The closet was very dark. She didn’t use to darkness! In the toy shop, she lived in a shiny white shelf. And toy shop’s light were always on. And all of costumers could see her! Rapunzel really missed the toy shop!

Why this place is so dark? Asked Rapunzel. Why is anyone talking to me? You guys didn’t even say “Welcome” to me! It’s kind of upsetting!

Cause you don’t need a welcome for coming into this closet! Said pink elephant sadly!

Yeah! Welcome to the Tara’s toy storage! The train laughed!

Others laughed too! But it was just for one second! And then all of them were sad again.

After a while, Rapunzel asked:

Can somebody tell me what is going on here? Why are you guys so sad?

Then she got angry an yelled:

Why this closet is locked? and she punched the door really hard!

We are the nice toys that Tara wants them to stay new and shiny forever!

Rapunzel was confused!

What do you mean? I thought kids play with their favorite toys all the time! Said Rapunzel.

Well, It’s different with Tara! Tara stores whatever she loves the most in this closet! And she just opens the door every two weeks to make sure we are still new and shiny! Then she hugs us and locked the door again! Teddy bear cried.

That’s unfair! we have to do something! Rapunzel said this and started thinking!


It was afternoon and Tara’s mom was resting! Tara didn’t like afternoons at all, cause mom was always asleep and everywhere was quiet!

She sat behind her desk and started painting; but suddenly, she heard someone is crying!

What’s that? Tara wondered!

Then she left his room to check out the living room; but no one was there! She returned to her room. She could still hear the crying! She was sure someone was crying in her room! But who?

He decided to follow the sound! She checked everywhere! The bookshelf, under the bed, and finally the toy’s closet! Yes! that was it. The sound was coming from the closet! She opened it; but when she opened the closet, the crying stopped! She looked at her beautiful toys and closed the door again!

crying started! Tara opened the closet and took all of her toys out of it and put them on the floor! Then she closed the closet! No one was crying anymore!

You guys were crying! weren’t you? Tara asked her toys! Did you want to leave the closet? But you’ll be dirty and tacky very soon if you stay out here! I want you to be new and shiny. I love you guys so much!

But it seemed that the toys were angry and sad! Tara didn’t know what to do!

OH! You guys are bored just like me! You want to play with me!

Tara felt her toys are smiling! She wasn’t sure! If she let them to be outside, they would be dirty and tacky soon! If she didn’t play with them, they would be upset!

She remember her mom who always says:

These toys are for playing, not for saving! You just have to take care of them when you are playing!

Tara made her decision! She started to play vey carefully with her toys! She was really enjoying it.

When her mother woke up, Tara told her:

Mom! I was not bored at all today! And she winked at her toys with a big smile!


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