The lost sock - Imagination practice 2 Story for kids

The lost sock – Imagination practice 2 Information
Age4-6, 7-9

Hello, it’s Dreamy! Want to practice storytelling? Imagine your sock comes to life. What adventures await it?

Hi! I’m dreamy! Wanna practice with me a little bit? I know a trick which I wanna teach you. I can bring things to life and tell their stories. For example if I want to tell a story about a chair, I’ll imagine that it’s alive and he is moving around.

Or I will say:

Someday, a little chair was thinking when…

It’s really exciting! Now… for a moment, imagine that your sock is alive. What do you think it would do? Where would it go?

Would he or make any friends? How would he or she spend the day?

It is a very simple exercise!

Today, Think about the story of a lost sock! Write your story down if you can! Read it to your friends and ask their opinions! Ask them to make their own sock story! It’s gonna be fun, I promise!

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