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Age4-6, 7-9

Billy anxiously tries to speed up time for his precious video game hour, embarking on a hilarious clock-changing adventure before his dad discovers the time warp.

Billy was bored! He couldn’t wait till 5 O’ clock! 5 O’ clock is his video game time! He is only allowed to play with his video games 5 to 6 in the evening. Just one hour. And he has to do his homework before this time, otherwise, his parents wouldn’t let him to play!

That day, he was excited to play with his new brand game! His dad was in his room and his mom hadn’t come back from work yet! His dad worked from home! He always sat behind his desk and drew many many maps! Billy looked at the clock! OMG! It was one hour left to the video game time! He looked at his dad who was still working! He had an idea!

He could do something to make time run faster!

So he opened the clock and pushed the clock’s hand! Yes! That’s it! Now it’s almost 5 O’ clock! Billy wanted to say:

Daddy! come! it’s 5 O’ clock!

But he remembered that daddy has a clock on his desk! He looked at daddy’s room! OH! lucky for Billy, his dad went to the bathroom! Billy ran into dad’s room and changed that clock to! then he remembered that his parents have a clock in their bedroom too! He went and changed that one too very quick!

Suddenly he remembered that his dad has a watch too! he ran into dad’s room again and changed that one too! He had to change the kitchen’s clock too! He stood on a chair and changed the kitchen’s clock but just when he wanted to come down, daddy came out from the bathroom!

Billy got scared and jumped down! Living room’s clock was showing 5 O’ clock! But dad brought out his cell phone from his pocket and looked at it with wonder!

What’s wrong with the this clock? He asked.

Then he walked calmly toward the clock and pushed it’s hands backward. Billy was embarrassed! He didn’t want daddy to find out about what he did. So he ran to fix other clocks before dad finds out about them!

He fixed his dad’s clock first and then he ran to his patents’ bedroom!

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