The Reluctant Dragon Story for kids + Audio

The Reluctant Dragon Information
Age4-6, 7-9
GenreFantasy, Fairy tale

In a quiet village, a young boy discovers a friendly dragon. when the villagers demand a showdown, the boy hatches a clever plan to save his friend.

The Reluctant Dragon Story

Once upon a time, there was a shepherd. One evening he arrived home shivering out of fear.

I saw something terrible! He cried! It was as as big as 4 big horses with long and sharp claws. It has a long pointy tail and shiny blue scales all over its body!

His son went and searched in his book:

It seems like you saw a dragon dad! Said the boy!

His parents were scared but he was calm as always.

Wondering if the dragon is friendly or not, next morning the son got up and set up to the hill. When the boy arrived, found the dragon really friendly! They smiled at each other. Then boy sat down and asked many questions from the blue dragon!

The dragon started to narrate stories from old times:

There were very dangerous dragons everywhere back then. And knights had to battle them and rescue princesses!

The boy came back every day to hear the stories. But after a while, the villagers found out about our blue dragon. Obviously they were scared. The boy went to the dragon and said:

The villagers want to get rid of you!

But I wouldn’t be hurt! Not even a scratch! Said the dragon.

That afternoon, the boy heard a very bad news in the village! The villagers wanted to send the Saint George, the dragon killer, for fighting the dragon!

The boy ran straight to the dragon and said:

They want to say Saint George, The dragon killer after you! He has the longest spear I’ve ever seen.

Thanks for telling me! But I don’t wanna fight! So I am going to just hide in my cave and wait for him to leave! Said the dragon!

No you don’t have a choice! People want a fight!

But the dragon yawned:

I’m sure you will find a way!

The boy went back to the village quietly. There he saw a group of villagers who were talking about the dangerous dragon:

Did you know that he eats 10 sheep just for breakfast?!

Yeah! I heard that he burnt down several houses!

The boy yelled with anger:

This is a lie! This dragon can’t even an ant!

But everyone wants a fight! what can I do? Said Saint George!

The boy whispered:

Follow me!

The boy took the dragon killer to visit the dragon. Saint Georg said:

What an amazing place for a fight!

There will be no fighting! Said the dragon very firmly!

Not even pretend to fight?


The boy said:

Do you promise not to harm him?!

Saint George thought a little bit and said:

Well! It has to look real!

The dragon asked:

Will there a feast after the fight?!

Yes! And I promise that you can come! said Saint George.

The next morning, Lots of people came for watching the fight! The boy was standing near the dragon’s cave, looking nervous! They cheered and yelled when Saint Georg showed up! Soon, a roar echoed in the mountain and flames spread in the air.

The dragon blew fire! Saint George galloped hard, his spear held high! The dragon jumped up and the shot past each other.

Missed! Yelled the crowed!

Saint George and the dragon turned and charged again! This time there was no chance for them to miss! After a long fight, finally dragon slumped to the ground. George stood on him. The crowd shouted:

Cut off his head!

George said:

I think the dragon has learned his lesson! Let’s just invite him to the feast!

Then saint George led the boy, the dragon and villagers down to the mountain! The boy was really happy cause he managed to execute his plan! The villagers were also happy cause they had seen the fight they wanted so badly!

Saint George was also happy because he had won the battle. But the dragon was the happiest! He now had a lots of friends and delicious food to eat!

It was a wonderful night! Whispered the dragon and began to snore!

OH! How should I take him back to his cave?! Asked the boy.

I’ll help! Saint George laughed.

He gave the dragon a prod and they set off up the mountain hand-in-hand! The Saint, the blue dragon and the boy!

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