The Tortoise and the Hare Story for kids + Audio

The Tortoise and the Hare Information
Age4-6, 7-9
TypeBedtime, Moral
GenreFantasy, Fairy tale

The Hare always mocks Tortoise because he is really slow. But which one will win in an actual competition?

The Tortoise and the Hare Story

All the animals in the forest knew that the hare is the fastest among them. He could run through long roads without any hard effort.

One day, the hare saw a tortoise who was laboriously making his way in the forest. The hare stopped and started mocking the poor tortoise:

OH! you’ve got such short feet and a heavy shell! You must be the slowest animal in all the forest! I think it’s possible for you to fall asleep when you are walking!

The tortoise was not offended by the hare’s words. Slowly, she continued to put one foot in front of the other.

I really have to look very closely to tell if you are moving or standing still. How long does it take you to walk ten yards? A whole day? The hare continued the rude laugh!

And then he put his hands on his belly and burst out laughing. In that very moment, the tortoise stopped and smirked:

Go ahead and make fun of me! Until this day, I have always managed to arrive at my destination. And when I think about it carefully, I even think that it’s possible for me to beat you in a race!

The hare passed out from laughing when he heard this! After a few moments, when he finally succeeded to stop the laugh, he said:

OK! I agree! So I’ll see you in competition day!

The two quickly agreed on the fox as the referee and met a day later by a brich tree. They decide to assign the starting point of the race to the tree. The fox announced.

Whoever arrives first at the big pond has won the race! Are you ready? Three, two, one – go!

The hair jumped as a lightning and disappeared after a few seconds. After a short time he had already finished half the race. He turned around and found that the tortoise had only took a few steps. He whispered:

Ok! It’s an easy one! I have got plenty of time left! I can go to the carrot field for a short trip.

Then he hobbled straight to the big field and nibbled a few carrots with relish. When he returned, he saw that the tortoise is still close to the starting line. He was trying to walk with difficulty and make his way! He souted:

Oh you lazy! try harder! Come on!

All the birds and animals were cheering for the hare! Prompted by the applause of the audience, the hare performed several tricks and daredevil jumps.

But those carrots and doing tricks made him exhausted. So just before the finish line, he lay down in the grass and took a nap! And the nap turned into a deep sleep!

Suddenly, he woke up from that sweet sleep by loud cheers and applause. He opened his eyes and could hardly believe what he saw. The turtle set foot over the finish line and had won the race.

The fox shouted:

Congratulations, dear turtle. You have won the race!

All the animals of the forest congratulated the turtle and celebrated the incredible victory together with him!

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