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Age0-3, 4-6

Tikola, the adventurous turtle, learned the value of his shell and the comfort it brought, even when tempted by the idea of a faster life.

Tikola was Max’s pet turtle! Tikola wished he could walk fast and quickly get himself from one side of the room to the other! He liked to be able to go from Max’s room to the kitchen when the smell of coleslaw and lettuce comes from the kitchen! He wanted to be able to compete with Max on the balcony! Tikola did not like to have a heavy shell because he thought that this giant shell would make his life hard!

Of course, he is a little afraid of coming out of his shell! Until finally, one day in the afternoon, he jumped out of his shell! He thought that he had a beautiful day ahead! He walked quickly into the room and then decided to go under Max’s bed! It was dark and crowded under the bed, but Tikola managed to find Max’s missing red pencil there.

Under the bed, the sound of snoring and puffing could be heard! This was the sound of the little rhinoceros, Max’s doll, who slept under the bed in the afternoons! Tikola wanted to wake up the rhinoceros to play. Still, the rhinoceros was very sleepy and did not wake up so easily!Tikola came out from under the bed! At the same time, Max entered the room and was very surprised to see a turtle without a shell! He hugged Tikola and said to him:

Let’s go to the kitchen together! I made a delicious salad! I am sure you will like the taste!

Tikola looked at Max with his big eyes and said:

OK! So let’s compete! Whoever arrives first is the winner!

Max accepted! When they reached the kitchen, they ate the delicious salad and had a lot of fun!When night came, Tikola and Max said good night to each other and went to sleep! But Tikola, who slept in his shell every night, didn’t know where to sleep that night! Eel went under Max’s table, but it was freezing there!

Then he went to the corner of the room, but it was cold there too! Tikola was confused and wanted to sleep! Little by little, he realized that his skin was very important! Tikola’s shell was his home, and he should not have left his home! That’s why he slowly went back into his shell and fell asleep peacefully!

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