Timmy, the King of Jungle Story for kids + Audio

Timmy, the King of Jungle Information
Age4-6, 7-9
TypeMoral, Bedtime

In a lush forest, little Timmy, a clever tiger cub, learns the value of saving and sharing as he competes to become the king of the jungle.

Timmy, the King of Jungle Story

In a green forest, many small and big animals lived. Every morning, when the sun rose, all the baby animals gathered by the river and played together! Then they would sit and eat the food that their mother had prepared.

Timmy was a little tiger cub who happily woke up every morning, took his food bowl, and went to the river! But when it was time to eat, he would always take his food dish and go behind the trees and eat secretly. One day when he was eating his food, he heard laughter! He looked behind him and saw baby lizard and baby lion laughing loudly!

Timmy asked angrily.Why are you laughing?

The baby lion said:Ah! Do you want me to give you some of my food to eat?

Baby lizard said:Do you only eat so much with your big body?

Timmy was upset and ran home crying! When her mother saw her crying, she asked sadly:Dear son! What happened?

Timmy cried:Baby animals bring a lot of food with them every day! But I am an intelligent tiger cub; my food is the least!

His mother said:Well, I will feed you as much as you like! Are you hungry?

Timmy said:No!

His mother said:So why are you crying?

Timmy said:Because the kids make fun of me and say that I eat the least! They say that whoever eats more is stronger!

Timmy’s mother said:It’s not like that, my son! Everyone eats as much as he can! They eat all the meat their father brings them every day, but you keep some of it in a safe place every day.

Timmy asked:What does it mean? A safe place?

His mother said with a laugh.You will understand what I mean later!

Days passed and passed until one day, the crow woke everyone up and said:I have hot news! The king of the jungle has woken up! The race is on its way! What does the king think? All the people of the forest! Please, everyone, come to the shelter! We must go to see the lion king, the king of the jungle.

All the animals went to the big lion sanctuary with their babies! The lion came out of his shelter and said to the animals:Today I want to choose the future king of the jungle.

All the animals were happy to hear this news. Lion continued:But choosing the king of the jungle takes work. That’s why we have to hold a contest! Any baby animal that can bring the crown of the king of the jungle from inside the cave of the mountain will become the king of the jungle!

The next day, all the baby animals went to the high mountain with a small backpacks.

Timmy ‘s mother also put a food container in Timmy ‘s backpack and said to him:

Remember when I told you that you keep some of your food in a safe place every day?

Timmy said in surprise:Yes!

His mother showed him the dish and said:These are the same foods! When you reach the mountain, give this dish to Mr. Eagle!

Timmy asked:Mr. Eagle?

His mother laughed and sent him to the high mountain!

When all the baby animals reached the mountain, they saw a giant and angry eagle standing in front of the cave door, not allowing anyone to enter the cave. He growled:Baby animals! What have you brought me?

The baby animals looked at each other! But no one had anything to give Mr. Eagle! At the same time, Timmy took out the food container his mother had given him from his bag and gave it to Mr. Eagle! When Mr. Eagle saw the dish full of meat, his eyes sparkled, and he said:What an intelligent baby tiger! You are allowed to enter the cave and take whatever you like!

A team entered the cave and took the crown of the king of the jungle and put it on his head! It was only then that Timmy understood why his mother and father took some of his food every day and left it in a safe place! Timmy had become the king of the jungle because of those foods!


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