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In a sunny nook, young Tommy, with eyes like stars, discovered the joy of counting cherries. he counted from one to ten, creating a delightful memory in their cheerful home.

Tommy Counts to Ten Story

In a cozy nook, where the sunlight gleams,Lived a toddler named Tommy, full of dreams. With eyes like stars, and a heart that’s free, Cherries were his joy, as sweet as can be.

One morning bright, Mrs. Johnson did share, A plate of cherries, a fruity affair. Not one or two, but a whole delight,Ten cherries awaited, oh, what a sight!

Tommy’s eyes sparkled, his excitement loud, “Cherries!” he cheered, drawing a crowd. Mrs. Johnson smiled, “Let’s count them, my dear, From one to ten, so crystal clear.”

Tommy nodded, his tiny hands in the air, “One,” said Mrs. Johnson, with cherries to spare. “One!” echoed Tommy, a cherry he’d greet, With a munch and a crunch, a joyous feat.

“Two cherries!” giggled Tommy, holding up two, Munching and counting, the fun just grew.

“Three!” he shouted, as the third disappeared, In a world of cherries, he persevered.

“Four, five, and six,” Mrs. Johnson sang, Tommy followed along, his counting sprang.

“Seven, eight, and nine,” they continued the rhyme, Cherries disappearing one at a time.

“Ten cherries!” Tommy cheered with glee,Counting complete, as happy as can be. Mrs. Johnson praised, “Well done, my dear, You’ve counted from one to ten, crystal clear!”

Tommy beamed, his tummy content, With cherries and counting, a joyous event. In the sunny little house where laughter did dwell, Tommy learned to count, a tale to tell.

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