Who is The Strongest? Story for kids

Who is The Strongest? Information
Age4-6, 7-9
TypeMoral, Bedtime

Join little Goaty on his quest to discover who the strongest person in the world is, and learn that strength comes in many different forms.

Who is The Strongest? Story

It was a cold snowy day in the village and little Goaty was sitting near his window, watching outside. Suddenly, something jumped into his mind!

Mom! Who is the strongest person in the whole world? He asked.

Well! What is your idea? Said his mother.

I don’t have a clue.

I think you should go and search in the village to find out who is the strongest person! How about that?

little Goaty loved his mother’s idea; so he put on his hat and scarf!

Goodbye mom! He said this and left the house!

After a while, he reached a frozen pound. He slipped on the ice and fell down!

Ouch! That hurts! He cried. Then he got up and said:

Oh dear ice! you are so strong!

But ice answered:

I’m really sorry! I didn’t wanna hurt you; but believe me! I’m not strong at all! If I were strong, sun wouldn’t be able to melt me.

Little Goaty was surprised! He started to walk again! He walked and walked till he reached a big hill and climbed it. He was very tired.

I think I’m gonna rest here for a while! He said.

He lay down on fresh grass… and…

There was sun shining in the middle of the blue sky!

Sun! Sun! How come are you so strong that you can melt the mighty ice? Goaty asked loudly.

Oh little Goaty! Sun laughed. Believe me, if I were strong, I would tell clouds not to stay in front of me all the time!

In that very moment, two fat clouds came by and covered sun’s shinny face!

Little Goaty asked with wonder:

Dear cute clouds! How come are you guys are so strong!?

Believe me little one! If we were strong, rain couldn’t make us pour as little drops! One of the clouds answered.

In that moment, sky went gray and rain started pouring. Little Goaty went under a big tree and said:

Rain! How come are you so strong??

Dear Goaty! Believe me, if I were strong, grass wouldn’t drink me!

Goaty looked at the grass on the floor and said:

Dear grass! How come are you so strong?

If I were strong, Sheep wouldn’t eat us all the time! Grass laughed.

Little Goaty started to think. After a while, when the rain stopped, he started his journey again. He walked until he reached a flock of sheep! He went closer and asked:

Guys! How come are you so strong that you can eat the mighty grass?

Little Goaty! If we were strong, The wolf couldn’t hunt us and eat us! said One of the sheep.

So… Wolf is the strongest in the whole world? said Goaty. Lucky him! I wish I could ask him that how is he that much strong!

He was thinking when he saw the wolf hiding behind a stone, watching the sheep! An Idea came to his mind. He went and hid on the other side of the stone, changed his voice and said:

Hi mighty wolf!

wolf who was really shocked, looked around and searched for the voice!

I heard you are a very strong wolf. I wanna know your secret!

Believe me, If I were strong, The sheepdog couldn’t scare me! said the wolf sadly.

Goaty looked around and saw the sheepdog guarding the flock! He ran toward him and asked:

Dear sheepdog! How come are you so strong?

Little sheepdog smirked and said:

If I were strong, The shepherd wouldn’t force me to take care of the sheep!

Little Goaty went and stood in front of the shepherd:

Mr. shepherd! How come are you so strong?

Shepherd cuddled Goaty and said:

If I were strong, I could stop those mice from eating my wheat from the barn!

Little Goaty was really confused! He thought:

Really? So the little mice are stronger than everyone?!

He ran toward the barn! There were bunch of cute mice, running all over the place! Little Goaty asked:

How come are you guys are so strong?

If we were strong, cat wouldn’t follow us all the time! One of them answered.

Do you know where is the cat?

Yes! He is sleeping behind grandma’s house!

Little Goaty ran and ran till he reached grandma’s house! Cat was sleeping behind the house! Goaty said:

Cat! Cat! I have a question!

Meaw! Ask your question!

How come are you so strong?!

But before cat could answer the question, a dog come and started to follow the cat! The cat scared and started to run away.

Little Goaty was really tired. He decided to go home. When he arrived, his mom asked:

Well, did you find the strongest person in the whole world?

Mom! No one is stronger than everyone. Everybody has their own strength!

His mom smiled and gave little Gaoty a huge hug.


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